Tens of pets found dead after being mailed across China in packaged boxes

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Twenty pets died after being mailed across China in blind boxes.

In the video filmed in the ZTO express station in Suzhou, 20 out of 30 cats and dogs were found dead after being mailed in blind packaged boxes.

It’s understood that the pets had been caged for six days.

The dead pets had been sent to a local pollution-free treatment site. Volunteers initially took the surviving 11 animals to a veterinary hospital, where another cat died.

The news has generated outrage among Chinese citizens. One netizen commented: “Why is the delivery of live pets not prohibited forever? Life of both human beings and animals should be respected.”

Another said: “Why on earth should someone come up with the idea of delivering live pets? It’s obvious that the pets could die or pass on diseases.”

“The blind box of live pets is such a joke," one said.

According to the Suzhou Postal Administration, the ZTO express has been required to give proper treatment to the pets.

In the next step, the related laws and regulations such as the Animal Epidemics Prevention Law and the Regulations on the Management of Prohibition Delivery will be further implemented.

Delivery companies are required to strictly regulate the posting and delivery of live animals.

The video was filmed on May 11 and provided local media.

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