0   Dozens of police make arrests at Bristol Salvation Army squat

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Dean Lane, Bedminster, Bristol, UK. 4th June 2021. A large number of police focused their attention on a disused Salvation Army building in the Bedminster area of Bristol where three people have been arrested in connection with criminal activities in the vicinity. A police officer has stated that the arrests are for offences including affray and assault on an emergency worker, adding they are not there to carry out an eviction. About 40 police officers and several police vehicles were at the scene, together with at least one ambulance. The squatters moved into the building in mid-May but a possession order in relation to the building has now been granted by the county court. The news comes after police arrived on High Street in Bristol at around 6am today to enforce a closure order on three properties that were being squatted. A number of squatters remain inside the Salvation Army building after the police had left.

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