Fall in love with New Zealand cat that skillfully climbs LADDERS

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Despite being 13-years-old, Norbit is one fit cat from Palmerston North, New Zealand and his climbing abilities on a ladder are legendary, seen here on October 4.

"Before I taught him to climb my ladder up to the loft, he would always sit on my couch and cry. It only took him a couple of days for him to climb the ladder all by himself, but I usually help him down if he wants to go back down," said Tsatori Johanson-Kelly, the filmer of the free-flowing feline.

"I first put him on the middle and helped him climb up. The next day, I put him at the bottom of the ladder and coaxed him up by clicking my fingers to call him and moving them up the ladder slowly. After that, he started climbing by himself. After he reaches the loft, he usually curls up on the bottom end of my bed and goes to sleep, purring. When it's time for me to go to bed, he gets up and walks over to the top end of my bed, curling up right next to me," Johnson-Kelly told Newsflare.

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