Pet cat distracts owner while she does elegant Thai dance

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This is the adorable moment pet cat tried to distract his owner while she was doing a traditional Thai dance.

The grey moggie was named Noi was seen jumping and trying to reach a youngster’s hand as she swayed elegantly to the sound of instruments in Bangkok, Thailand on September 7.

Noi followed her owner’s movements making them look like dancing a traditional Southeast Asian choreography on a percussion background.

His owner, college student Nattida Saengsawang, 22, said she was filming a performance for her online class when the playful pet entered the room.

She said: ‘It had always been a problem when I have dancing classes online. My cat keeps on irritating me when I’m trying to be serious.

‘This time it appeared like he was trying to join in the dance. I had to redo the video but at least I will have a memorable performance of us together.’

Thailand, as well as other countries in Southeast Asia, had shifted to online classes when the pandemic started to prevent the spread of Covid-19 among students, teachers, and staff.

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