Robot nurse delivers medicine to Covid-19 patients in Thailand

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A robot nurse is helping to deliver medicine and record the condition of patients in a Covid-19 field hospital in Thailand.

The KIC Robot 2 is a mobile robot with wheels that scoots around the facility in Khon Kaen province while carrying its tray with medication.

It allows communication between doctors and patients through a built-in camera and speaker that workes using Wi-Fi which helps the medics track their progress remotely.

Footage shows a doctor controlling the robot wirelessly from another room to a coronavirus patient’s ward at the Sanam Hospital on September 16.

Doctor Wirot Lertpongpipat said: ‘The robot allows us to communicate with our patients easily. The robot also reduces the chances of Covid-19 transmission to our paramedics.

‘Sometimes announcing on the speaker is not clear, so this robot can get closer to the patient and inform them better. ’

This robot nurse is a development of the first prototype – KIC One Robot – which was improved to record more information using cameras as well as to have a more organised medicine delivery system.

It was one of the first robots that could move and communicate with patients in the country as researchers continue to use technology to fight the surge of Covid-19.

After successful trials, the robot will be manufactured to be used gradually in other Thai hospitals across the country.

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