Man ‘knocked out with a single punch’ in brutal Canning Town fight

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A man has been arrested after knocking another to the ground with a single punch during a fight in Canning Town.

Police raced to the incident shortly after 6pm on Friday 6 August following reports of two men fighting.

In footage posted on social media, a man in a pink shirt and another in a grey and red tracksuit can be seen in the midst of a disagreement, each sat on the floor, as a woman looks on.

When they both stand up the man in the tracksuit then launches a single punch towards the head of his opponent.

The man in the pink t-shirt falls to the ground, seemingly unconscious.

Police arrived on the scene and arrested the man in the tracksuit for ABH.

The video has received almost 20,000 views since being uploaded.

“Police were called to Barking Road, E16 at 18:51hrs on Friday, 6 August following reports of two men fighting," a Metropolitan Police spokesperson said.

“Officers attended and found one man with head injuries.

"He was taken to an east London hospital by the London Ambulance Service where his injuries were assessed as non-life changing.

“A second man was arrested on suspicion of ABH.

“Enquiries continue.”

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