Water-ski smash, bikini butt bite and pool in a pickup - Americans love messing about in boats

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When the sun comes out, Americans love to take to the water, but it doesn't always work out quite as planned.

One brave man water skiing behind a boat in Denver, Colorado, takes on a huge ramp. It appears to go well, until he flies off the top of it with his skis pointed directly at the water below. Uh oh.

Soon enough, he slams into the water face-first, with a dramatic splash. The scene was filmed on 27 August 2020.

There can be plenty of drama on board a boat too, as one young woman in Charleston, South Carolina, demonstrated when she was filmed with a huge fish biting her butt, in May 2020.

The creature's jaws appeared to be clamped shut on her bikini-clad bottom, causing shrieks from her and laughter from her fellow boaters, until one of them finally attempts to remove it.

And if you can't make it to a lake, the sea, or even a pool, a group of young American men showed you can bring the pool to your pickup.

The hilarious scene, in which the lads are driven around Chico, California, in a pickup truck filled with water in August 2019, was dubbed the "Chad-mobile" by many who saw it.

As the chaps drink and laugh, water pours from the side of the truck every time it turns a corner.

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