Quick-thinking motorcycle rider dodges out-of-control truck at traffic lights

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This is the moment a quick-thinking motorcycle rider dodged a truck crash in Thailand.

The out-of-control truck was pushed to the opposite side of the road after avoiding collision with a pickup that sped through the red lights.

Footage shows how the motorcycle driver ditched his vehicle when he was just seconds away from being flattened by an oncoming truck in Sing Buri province.

Police captain Jiradetch Duangrasami and the rescue team arrived at the scene and found chopped pork and vegetables scattered all over the road.

The officer said: ‘The incident took place at the intersection. A blue Hino tow truck was found overturned with fuel leaking from the engine.

‘About 10 meters away, a pick-up truck was found parked in the middle of the road. The front left side of the vehicle was smashed by the .’

The pickup truck driver, Salee Sangkaew, 60 was found with a broken leg stuck in his vehicle while the motorcycle rider that managed to escape the crash had no injuries.

The motorcycle rider Weeraoat Chaiburin said: ‘I was almost hit by the truck. I’m glad I was paying attention and jumped away in time.’

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