Fishermen floating at sea for one night rescued in the Philippines

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A group of fishermen were rescued after floating at sea for the whole night in the Philippines.

The four men had come from Sabah, East Malaysia and were en route to Bongao Island, Tawi-Tawi to deliver light cargo when their speedboat capsized due to bad weather and unfavourable sea conditions on October 7.

They hung onto floating debris for dear life before crew of the passing W Raptor Ship spotted them in the waters the next day on October 8.

Footage shows the ship crew throwing down life preservers and lowering a raft on which they lifted the exhausted survivors.

Crew member Chester Jan Cataluna said: ‘We found the four survivors behind a sea buoy we were avoiding. The first we saw was clinging to wood, while one was floating and wearing a life vest. The other two used gallon bottles to stay afloat.

‘Our captain ordered us to save them and we learned that their boat had sunk due to strong winds and bad weather.’

The four survivors were identified as Hassan Bin Sayadi, 59; Majid Bin Ajahun, 46; Jerry Erni, 35, and Solar De Leon, 40.

The men were fed and given first aid, after which the Philippine Navy arrived to take them to a nearby hospital where they are now recovering.

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