Grown-ups channel their inner child and it does not go well

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Adults tell kids what to do but it doesn't take long to find grown-ups doing things every bit as dumb or dangerous as stunts the little ones try.

One young man in Vancouver, Canada, decided to attempt what appeared to be a gymnastics move on outdoor play equipment designed for children.

If Newton hadn't already discovered gravity, this man would have done it after the ouch-inducing fall that followed when the equipment broke.

A hilarious clip, filmed by Chantal Oosterweghel on 1 July 2021, shows her friend Caelaux channeling his inner child.

She wrote: "Caelaux was playing on the kids' jungle gym and fell while I was filming him! He told me that it felt good to know that he was still bound by the laws of gravity, haha."

The other side of the Atlantic, a British woman enjoyed what was then a brief pause in 2020's frequent lockdowns, to get a glass of bubbly in an outdoor venue.

So far so good, but unfortunately she decides to down the fizzy wine in one... without using her hands.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, she fails, and much of the drink ends up down her dress, much to the amusement of the friend filming the scene, on 8 August that year.

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