Mystery of alien-like circles on man’s front yard solved as CCTV shows it was stray dogs

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A resident was baffled after finding alien-like mystery circles in his front yard – only to discover they had been left by stray dogs.

Isaret Petchruang, 35 woke up and found the bizarre interlinking triad of circles on his gravel driveway in Krabi province, southern Thailand on October 11.

The lottery-crazed homeowner thought the marking was a sign from above as it was shaped in the numbers six, zero and eight.

He bought tickets with those numbers and was hoping for a big win, helped by extraterrestrials.

However, after checking the CCTV he was shocked to discover three stray dogs walking in front of his house. One of the dogs even started to drag its two back legs behind it, forming circles on the ground.

After completing the pattern, the dogs then left the man’s front yard like nothing had happened.

Isaret said: ‘The dogs could be bringing my luck. All of them looked healthy, they had no reason to be moving like that on my property.

‘It wasn’t aliens but it is still unusual. So I’m keeping those lucky numbers for my next lottery tickets.

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