Quick-thinking driver doges toddler running out into road

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A quick-thinking driver dodged a toddler who suddenly ran out into the road.

Driver Jay Moi almost hit the one-year-old while driving his sedan across a neighbourhood in Patum Thani province, Thailand on September 13.

Fortunately, the alert driver showed why quick reactions are important and was able to swerve onto the next lane and evaded the youngster who reportedly escaped through their home’s open gate.

Dashcam footage shows the driver swiftly switching lanes while the boy tried to reach the other side of the road – only inches away from being.

The child’s grandfather Surasak Tongbai, 52, said: ‘Many cars are running fast through this route but fortunately, this one stopped in time. My grandson only came for a visit, he does not live here.

‘I carried my grandson in front of the house but while I was talking to the neighbour he just ran to the opposite side of the road when the gate was opened.’

No one was hurt in the incident including the driver who was able to slow down upon quickly switching lanes.

The boy’s family then apologised to the driver and promised to keep a closer eye on the youngster after the incident.

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