Baby won't stop photobombing grandmother by flipping her the finger

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Meet the hilarious baby girl who won't stop flipping the finger at her grandmother in photos, winning Instagram users' hearts thanks to her cheeky behaviour.

Susu Garcia, 44, lives in New Jersey, US, with her husband Pedro Fuentes and is grandmother to 5-month-old Janessa.

Garcia regularly shares cute snaps of her granddaughter on Instagram and during a recent family holiday to Puerto Rico, thought nothing of taking a smiling selfie with the baby.

Little did she know that Janessa had other plans for the snap.

While Garcia was smiling at the camera, the baby sat in the background in her pushchair, casually flipping her grandmother the finger.

Completely unaware of what her granddaughter had done, Garcia shared the post on Facebook and was soon inundated with comments from people who were quick to point it out.

"Haha your granddaughter is flipping you the bird lol," wrote one person. [sic]

"Cutest little pic. She’s trying to say come here/closer," added someone else.

Another viewer said: “She loves flipping people off lmao.” [sic]

"I took the photo on May 27 during a family holiday to Puerto Rico while we were enjoying a stroll on the dock by the sea," Garcia said.

"Janessa was smiling so much and so I decided to stop and take a selfie with her – I had no idea what she was doing behind my back.

"It was only after I posted the photo that people pointed it out to me and I was like 'Oh my God, I didn't even notice!'."

Thankfully, Garcia was able to laugh off the hilarious incident but it isn't the first time it has happened.

She said: "Janessa has sworn before, she started doing it a month and a half ago and I honestly think it's just the way her fingers are, she doesn't mean to do it.

"It's just that that one specific finger that always pops us – for me it's hysterical and luckily her parents find it funny as well."

The grandmother describes her adorable granddaughter as funny and very cheeky.

Garcia said: "Everyone that knows me will tell that I'm so in love with her, she's just a gift that has bought so much joy to our family.

"She loves swimming in the pool with inflatable armbands and is already trying to talk.

"I'm always taking a million pictures of her, she's got such a naturally expressive face and has so many different reactions.  

"I often take the camera out to get a photo of her when she's smiling but it's like Janessa knows what's coming and will start rolling her eyes and swearing.

"I'm like 'how does a 5-month-old know how to do that?!"

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