Leap of faith: Watch incredible moment pub drinker catches DOG as it jumps from upstairs window

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A quick-witted punter has been hailed a hero on social media for catching a Jack Russell in mid-air as it jumped from a pub's upstairs window.

When the landlords at The Mount Pleasant Pub, in Kingswinford, Staffordshire, were handed a lost dog to look after on Sunday (August 15) they assumed that their upstairs flat would be a safe place to keep him out of the way.

Bizarre footage shows the escaped pooch taking a leap of faith out of the window in an attempt to get down to the beer garden.

Thankfully for the little terrier, Adam Ravenhall, 29, a member of the local Mount football team, was ready and waiting to break his fall, after spotting what was about to happen.

In the video, captured on the pub’s CCTV, the football player is seen spotting the pooch as it hurtles towards the ground.

With just moments to spare, the quick-thinking Adam catches the dog mid-flight and prevents what could have been a nasty crash landing.

The Mount Pleasant shared the footage to their Facebook page with the caption: “When you find a lost dog. Put it in the flat upstairs to keep him safe. This is what happens.....

"One of the Mount football team catches a dog jumping from an upstairs window.”

Thankfully, due to the pub-goer’s quick actions, the dog was unharmed and is now “safe and sound” back with his owner.

Amused locals were stunned by the interaction with one calling for Adam to get "free pints for life."

“My brother found the dog wandering along Cot Lane," wrote one person.

"Took it to the Mount as it had no ID.

“Didn't expect it to jump from an upstairs window. Luckily he found the owner shortly afterwards! Well done to the guy who caught the dog!!”

Another added: “We were there when it happened, well done to the lad that tried to grab him the dog was a scared little thing.”

“Legend free pints for life he deserves," wrote someone else.

Another joked: “He should be the goalkeeper.”

Following the incident, Mount Pleasant has since set up a GoFundMe for the Dog’s Trust.

The pub wrote: “We have set up a Go Fund Me for the Dogs Trust. Not every dog is as lucky as the Jack Russel that jumped off the roof of the pub on Sunday #jumpingjackrussel Please help reach our goal.”

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