Woman with world's largest mouth eats entire large portion of McDonald’s fries in one bite

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A woman with the “world’s largest mouth” has proved just how big it is, by cramming an entire large portion of McDonald’s fries in it.

Samantha Ramsdell, 30, from Connecticut, USA, astonished fans when she shared her latest eating challenge with them.

Sharing the video with her 1.5m followers on TikTok, Samantha wrote in the caption: “Reply to @marsssgodzilla one bite everyone knows the rules! Comment below what I should try next! #WorthTheWait #OneStepCloser”

The 30-year-old took an unusual approach to the task by placing the fries horizontally so they stuck out over lips.

With her chops full of chips, the TikTok star began shoving the smaller ones in around the edges until all of them (bar a couple of tiny escapees) were in.

She then impressively pushed the whole lot into her mouth to chew – without choking on a single one.

Samantha told fans she found it tricky not because of the size of the challenge but the amount of salt, “that’s why I can’t stop drooling,” she replied to one follower who commented.

A visible string of saliva can be seen drooling from her mouth at the end.

Samantha Ramsdell's massive mouth made her a viral sensation during the coronavirus lockdown, amassing a huge following who loved to tune in to see what she could fit inside it.

The star says that thanks to her huge gob, TikTok pays her about $15,000 per video she posts.

"TikTok actually pays their top creators now based on how many views and it's about 0.3cents per 1,000," she said

"It doesn't sound like a lot but some of my top videos have over 50 million views, so if you do the math, it ain't too shabby for eating subway sandwiches on camera!"

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