Shocked mechanics find python in car engine

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This is the terrifying moment a 12ft-long giant python was found hiding inside a car engine.

The serpent was discovered by mechanics after the car owner went to a garage for maintenance in Bangkok, Thailand on September 16.

However, as the workers check on the vehicle, they found a huge snake coiled around its engine so they called the rescue team for help.

When the animal rescuers arrived, they removed some of the car’s parts with the help of the mechanics and pulled the snake out together.

Shocked car owner Art Panayaphat said: ‘I was finally having a maintenance check this morning only to find the snake inside.

‘I was shocked and could not believe that I was driving around with such a huge creature inside my car. It could have easily harmed me with its size.’

After almost an hour, the snake was removed from the car requiring two rescuers and two mechanics to carry it to the team’s truck.

No one was reported hurt and the creature would be released later. The car was also not damaged and was checked afterwards.

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