Cape Town pupil allegedly victimised by school after mother blows whistle on it ignoring Covid rules

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Beyonce Davids, an 18-year-old student at Mondale High School in Cape Town, South Africa, has allegedly been victimised by her school after her mother blew the whistle on it not following Covid-19 rules.

In video filmed on 31 August, the family claim teachers and students at Mitchells Plain school were both involved.

Beyonce’s mother, Beverley Davids, raised the issue in the media after it came to light that her child’s class teacher had tested positive for Covid 19.

According to Davids, none of the parents were informed to isolate their children and the principal claimed the teacher’s status was a private matter.

Kerry Mauchline, a spokesperson for Western Cape Education MEC, Debbie Schaefer, said the department was only aware of students in isolation being allowed to write exams in an isolated environment at the school. She said the department’s protocols dictate that all students exposed to Covid 19 must be allowed to isolate.

Beyonce Davids received a WhatsApp text from from a fellow student who accused her of lying and being the cause of a Halloween event at the school being cancelled. Beyonce also alleged that the school principal insisted they attend school even after they had tested positive.

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