Kind bus driver rushes elderly passenger suffering heart pain to hospital

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A kind bus driver rushed an elderly passenger to the hospital after she suddenly started suffering acute heart pain in China.

The sixty-nine-year-old passenger named Bao had difficulty hailing a taxi as it was raining in Nanjing, Jiangsu province when the incident happened on October 15. She reportedly waited at the bus stop for a ride while the pain in her chest had worsened.

Upon boarding the bus, Bao approached the driver named Li Longhai and asked him to hurry to the hospital. She was heard saying: ‘Sir, when will I get to the hospital? I can’t stand it anymore. I’m going to die.’

Video shows Bao crouching next to the driver’s seat in pain as she waited to receive medical attention. Due to the wet roads, Li could not drive recklessly, but assured the old lady that he would get her to the hospital as soon as possible.

When the vehicle arrived at the station, Li immediately helped the old woman up and explained the situation to his passengers who left to switch buses. Li and two other commuters then escorted Bao to the hospital across the road.

The selfless bus driver accompanied the old lady in the hospital for four hours and even paid for her medical tests out of his own pocket. The doctors diagnosed that Bao was suffering from angina or decreased blood flow to the heart. She is now safe and with her family after making it to the hospital on time.

Grateful for Li’s help, Bao visited the bus station on October 18 to express her thanks and praise the bus company. She also tried handing some money to Li who politely declined the offer.

She said: ‘When I felt like dying, Sir Li took care of me like he was my own son.’

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