3   Watch as beekeeper safely removes large hive from UK homeowner's chimney

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This beekeeper based in Suffolk, UK, filmed as he safely removed a large hive from inside a homeowner's chimney.

Sam Auger-Forbes talked through the intricate process of how he relocated the bees from the chimney to their woodland apiary.

He said: "This is a humane removal of a live honeybee colony that's been in someone's chimney for over three years.

"We take the chimney apart find the queen, move the bees into a new home and relocate them to their new forever home in our woodland apiary, and we remove all of the combs in the chimney."

This removal took around seven hours to complete.

Auger-Forber added: "This is a common problem and the only true way to remove honeybees from a chimney is to take the chimney apart but it's very specialised and hardly any beekeepers do it. We travel all over the country happy to assist people."

This footage was filmed on April 24.

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