Interview: Kabul man has no plans to leave Afghanistan despite being former Air Force officer

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Despite thousands of Afghans leaving the country, one Kabul resident says he has no plans to leave, despite being a former Air Force officer in a Taliban-controlled country.

02:59: My name is Mustafa, one of the air force officer from before. At the moment I am self employed.

03:19: The situation right now is not bad from the aspect of security. People feel relaxed now. However there is no business/trade. People are jobless.

03:31: No, Sir, the best place is our country. I am from Kabul city, the location and environment is very good. Only the business and the security gets better the businesses will grow slowly.

03:44: I don’t have any interest of leaving, I like my own country.

03:50: In the future I want to work here we should work hard. I request all other brothers not to go, where are they going to go stranger countries. This is our country and in Allah we trust and it(AFGHANISTAN) will be built God Willing.

04:04: Business is good not that proper but ok.

04:12: I am from Kabul and this is my birthplace and I'm here. I have served in many other provinces when I was young and had energy to serve I did my service. Now, that I'm terminated I am self employed here.

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