Ferocious monitor lizard runs through flooded house after storm

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This is the scary moment a ferocious monitor lizard ran through a flooded house after heavy rain in Thailand.

The 4ft-long reptile raced through the muddy water to enter the submerged home’s garage after tropical storm Dianmu had battered Lopburi province.

CCTV footage shows how the Godzilla-like creature rampaged into the property sparking panic among residents before disappearing onto the back of the house on October 3.

Shocked homeowner Wilaiwan Prommai said: ‘It all happened so fast. My brother-in-law even tried to hit it as it was only inches away from his leg.

‘He thought the reptile was going to attack him but then it just ran away to the back. We didn’t see the lizard again after that.’

At least seven people have died and tens of thousands more are still stranded receiving aid from rescue groups. Ten provinces in Thailand, including Chaiyaphum, have been inundated by Dianmu, according to the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department of Thailand. The Thai Meteorological Department said rainfall is expected to subside within the week.

Thailand and other countries in Southeast Asia such as Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines are in the middle of their tropical monsoon rainy season, which lasts until October or November. Soaring temperatures reaching 35 degrees Celsius are often followed by powerful tropical storms with thunder, lightning, rain and flash floods.

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