Powerful undercover footage reveals disturbing selling of endangered sharks in Taiwan

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Shark Guardian, an investigative group founded to protect sharks globally, has unearthed damning evidence of a bustling market in Taiwan to sell endangered shark fins openly, in this footage filmed between December 2020 and March 2021.

Over a three-month period, Shark Guardian investigators witnessed multiple shipments of shark fins from endangered species being unloaded at Donggang fish market, located in Kaohsiung.

Alex Hofford filmed this startling footage and told Newsflare some of the incredible details.

“To save sharks and the marine environment, Taiwanese authorities should implement an immediate crackdown on its cruel and unsustainable shark fin trade and should tighten up local laws to ban the domestic sale of shark fin, as well as better, enforce its international obligations under CITES. It is also high time that the Taiwanese government should rein in its out-of-control distant water tuna fishing fleet, who is a major supplier of shark fin to Chinese markets. Whilst Taiwan is a beacon of democratic and progressive values in Asia, it is allowing its unsustainable and often crime-ridden fisheries sector to rape and pillage our ocean with impunity. This must stop. Taiwan needs to show leadership in environmental protection and must quickly clean up its act as regards its sleazy shark fisheries and trade sectors," Hofford, who is a Marine Wildlife Campaigner with Shark Guardian, tells Newsflare.

From the sale of silky sharks, oceanic whitetip sharks, mako sharks, thresher sharks, and great white sharks, Shark Guardian reports that these are being sold "in broad daylight" – in contravention of Taiwanese and international law.

During their investigation, Shark Guardian also found evidence of Taiwan-based online retailers selling fins as well.

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