Hilarious moments from when a prank goes well... and not so well

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Two hilarious videos show the the importance of surprise to a good prank.

In one hilarious video, Joan Jane Yamat freaks out when some James Brown's 'I feel good' song is played at her suddenly, and she accidentally hurls a piece of chicken from her pan, into the air.

She wrote: "While I was cooking Filipino food, unknowingly, my nephew suddenly played a TikTok sound with a scream at the start, and I was shocked and threw a chicken."

While the scare bit is as funny as funny can get, the actual highlight of the footage is how Joan ends up saving the boiling-hot chicken and not letting it drop on the floor.

This comedic cooking fail-cum-save has amassed close to 95 million views on TikTok and was filmed in Paranaque in the Philippines.

Meanwhile another prank in Buffalo, New York, did not go so well, when a man's mother put on a mask and hid in a corner to surprise her son when he entered the room.

But the young gent appeared neither surprised not scared when he saw his mom making a not-very-scary groan in the corner.

Son Jonah wrote: "The mask didn't scare me but her face did, haha."

Mother Wendy Michelle meanwhile joked about Jonah's reaction hurting her feelings.

This hilarious scene occurred on June 15, 2021, and has gone viral on TikTok, amassing over 21 million views.

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