CCTV captures theft of a sack of rice by man pretending to buy cigarettes in Indonesia

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CCTV captured the moment a thief in Indonesia pretended to buy cigarettes as a ruse to steal a sack of the shop's best rice, on Friday 3 September.

The thief took advantage of the shopkeeper's trusting manner and the fact the shop was quiet.

The store was Evi Mart in Bukittinggi, West Sumatra province.

The perpetrator, a man without a helmet on a motorcycle without a license plate, stopped by the shop and went straight to the cashier's desk, where he asked for several types of cigarettes to distract the shopkeeper.

He briefly looked at the CCTV, realised his face was caught on camera and immediately left the shop, grabbing a sack of super high quality rice and riding off on his botorbike.

Sultan, the shop owner, said the theft took place when most of the men usually in the store were performing Friday prayers.

"The modus operandi was to buy cigarettes but it didn't work. He suddenly left the shop and took rice. He was shouted at by the shopkeeper but he fled towards the station," Sultan said.

The thief took a sack of super quality rice weighing 10kg, worth 120,000 rupiah, about 8.42 US dollars.

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