4   'You got it!' Kids cheer as their mum takes on trespassing snake in Missouri, US

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A mum living in Diamond, Missouri, was cheered on by her kids as she took on a snake that was slithering on the outside of their house.

Cayla Bowman armed herself with heavy rocks and a garden hoe as she attempted to get rid of the snake.

She said: "My son claimed there was a snake staring at us. I looked over, very slowly, and there it was...peeping Tom. Since it was on the window and this is an older home, I was instantly concerned that it could be trying to get inside soon.

"We went to the front yard, gathered up heavy rocks and the garden hoe, loaded them in the truck, and drove around to the back yard. It torqued its head from the window to us, and I threw the rocks from the truck onto the ground. I had my 6-year-old son in the truck the entire time and he was the one who filmed this video.

"I got close enough to whack the snake with the hoe, but it didn’t make it fall, so I knew I had to throw the rock and my aim had to be dead on to not shatter the window. I threw the rock, it nailed it right in the head, and it dropped to the ground. As soon as it hit the ground, I ended up eliminating it.

"The whole thing was just an emotional roller coaster, being a single mom and having to protect the homestead is exhausting by itself. I wasn’t made for this work, but I have no other choice than to do the damn thing."

This footage was filmed on June 4.

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