Speedy sausage-maker stuffed his way to a Guinness World Records title

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Butcher Barry John Crowe from Cavan, Ireland, is an accomplished sausage maker.

It's his speedy sausage-tying skills that have landed him a spot in the Guinness World Records book, achieving the title of 'most sausages produced in a minute' with 78 sausages, in an attempt on RTE's Big Week on the Farm in April 2017.

Since he was 10-years-old Barry has been making sausages at his father's butcher shop, Crowe's Quality Meats, which has been the family business for over 40 years.

His dedication from a young age paid off, and he's been winning awards for his skill since he was 13.

It's not just crafting the sausages that Barry is good at, either. He is also responsible for creating a wide variety of uniquely flavoured, and award winning, sausages - from chip shop curry to chocolate chip!

However, Barry's sausage making talents didn't come naturally at first.

"The first day of trying to do the tying of the sausage was a very eventful day," he recalled.

"It's not something that you're just going to pick up overnight, there is a skill to it. It took a lot of trial and error, but it was good fun!"

It was the support form his family, specifically his father, that spurred Barry on.

"The biggest encouragement has been my father and my mother. He started that ball rolling all those years ago.

"I'd come in after school every day, weekends, school holidays, every time following in behind him."

In addition to Barry's parents, his brother also works in the shop, and it looks as though his nephew, Keelyn, and his son, Callum, may well continue the tradition.

The strong family bond on which the business is built can be seen in Barry's record attempt, where all his family gathered to watch and cheer him on.

After feeling that he could top the previous record of 60, he got the timer out and managed to craft 78 sausages.

The successful record attempt meant a jolly night for the Crowe family.

"It proved positive and it was great excitement all around I have to say! The night that we did it was a fantastic night."

After achieving the record, Barry felt "marvellous" and he now encourages others to try for their own title - though he's not too keen for people to challenge the sausage making record!

"I’d love to just say to people: go for it. If you feel that you can do a Guinness World Records title, go for it!"

While Barry won the record in 2017, the video was shot in 2018 and features a shot of him looking through the then-upcoming 2019 Guinness World Record book.

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