Dutch creator builds 'hungry' robot named Chomp that eats trash

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A creator living in Zundert, the Netherlands, has built a "hungry" robot named Chomp that eats trash.

Chomp (Chewing Highly Obvious Mechanical Prototype) is seen being handed a scrunched up piece of paper that it scoops up.

The device was made by Dries de Roover who told Newsflare who he built it: "I built the robot using Arduino. Basically, Arduino is a prototyping and robotics toolkit that is easy to learn and requires as little programming as you want. It is easy to connect digital and analogue sensors and program their readings to activate LEDs, motors and many other things.

"It functions with two servo motors and an AR distance sensor which activates if an object is near and sends a signal to the servo's which pull the arms and the head up.

"Each time the arms move up, a random number is generated. If that number is a certain value, then the blue LED activates indicating that it has generated an idea. The body of the robot is made from laser-cut birch wood glued together."

This footage was filmed in September 2019.

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