London stall owner pulls man from bar as he is about to win £100

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A stall owner in Stratford, east London, pulled down a man just as he was about to win £100.

Alin Puscas was filming his friend Omer Majid attempt to hang from a bar for two minutes in an attempt to win £100.

As Majid neared the end of the challenge, the stall owner tries to distract him by pulling his jeans down.

This escalates and the stall owner rips the competitor from the bar and pushes him away.

Majid said: "Basically, I tried to win £100 by paying the guy £10. Then, things started to go wrong. I almost won, actually, and then when I was getting towards winning he started to touch me and stuff.

"I don't get angry at first, I mean, I do but I was holding it in, eventually he tries it again I kick him, then it gets a bit aggressive, then he pulls me down, and then I lose my £10 and the game just goes on."

This footage was filmed on May 14.

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