Violent BRAWL breaks out in London as huge crowd gathers outside bargain shop

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Footage has emerged after a violent brawl broke out in London as a large crowd gathered outside a shop.

The incident took place outside of Khan’s Bargains in Peckham, south-east London.

In a video taken from the scene, a crowd of people can be seen waiting outside the shop and looking over from the street.

A group of men appear to be arguing directly outside the store, while the shopkeeper looks concerned at the disruption.

The fight then breaks out into the road, with two men throwing punches at one another while standing on a zebra crossing.

A woman wearing a red hoodie tries to break it up while onlookers appear to be stunned at the shocking scenes.

The footage was later shared on Twitter, where it has been viewed more than 57,000 times – with viewers baffled by the bizarre incident.

One person said: “That’s bargaining gone too far.”

“Must have been some bargains,” another person joked.

Other users were quick to draw comparisons to the hit TV show ‘Only Fools and Horses’, which was set in the area.

One person said: “Del Boy knocking out dodgy watches again is he?”

“I was waiting for everyone to stop and make way for Delboy to come through,” another person added.

“Didn’t use to happen in Only Fools and Horses,” one viewer quipped.

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