Wild bearcat rampages through minimarket looking for food in Indonesia

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This is the terrifying moment a rampaging giant bearcat or binturong raided a mini market in Indonesia in search of food.

The endangered animal, which was initially mistaken for a huge weasel, first spotted by a shop assistant when the binturong entered through the front door, then ran backwards and trapped in the bathroom.

Footage filmed at Ciqi Mart, Padangpanjang city, West Sumatra province on June 6, shows the rescue of the bearcat by a team of firefighters.

The animal rescuers, equipped with snares and sacks, found the binturong hiding in a bathroom perched on top of the water heater.

The officers tried to catch it with a snare, but it made the binturong climb out of the bathroom and run into the kitchen, before eventually it was caught and later released into the wild.

"The animal entered the mini market at night after being seen on the street by residents. It's thought to have come from the hills opposite the shop," the shop assistant said.

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