Swiss photographer updates his selfie every day timelapse by documenting pandemic life

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This Swiss photographer took a picture of himself every day for 10 years, documenting his life from 18 years old to 28. He has now added an extra onto the timelapse that documents life through the pandemic.

Dorian Tosca's timelapse shows how his appearance changed over the 10-year span from a fresh-faced teen to a bearded man with long hair.

The timelapse shows how Tosca and his surroundings changed through the significant period of his life, which saw him graduate in 2017 and how he coped living through coronavirus quarantine.

Tosca told Newsflare: "I want to continue until my end, it would be a shame to stop, and I have to tell you, it has become a real obsession to take pictures of myself, this habit has become second nature, and I can't imaging to stop.

"At the beginning of this project, I photographed myself for the only purpose of immortalizing my face and see how time can affect me. Today I try to immortalize the most important daily moments to keep a trace of memories."

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