Abby the viral bodyboarding dog navigates across swimming pool without getting soaked

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Watch Abby the viral bodyboarding dog navigate across a swimming pool without getting herself soaked.

As her owner throws several balls into the pool Abby climbs onto a small board and glides across the water.

The Labrador maintains her balance on the board while plucking the balls out of the pool and returning them to her owner in their home in Manasquan, New Jersey.

The filmer told Newsflare about Abby's life: "A little back story on Abby. The beginning of her life was filled with severe abuse and neglect. She was only fed non-food objects; cigarettes, foam dirty paper plates. When she was brought to a kill shelter she was malnutritioned, shut down and fearful of humans. However, she remained very sweet.

"My family adopted her days before she was set to be euthanized.
When we brought her home, she showed signs of depression, would cower in fear and help when we would attempt to per her. The vet explained she was anticipating pain. Heartbreaking!"

Abby's owner began teaching the pooch how to be a dog again through activities involving a ball.

"I needed To work on building her confidence. Abby is not food motivated. But she loves a ball! I began slowly introducing her to the pop by gently placing her on a bodyboard using the ball as a reward.

"She learned that the pool was a fun activity. Abby learned how to manipulate the board by shifting her weight to get the board to move in order to retrieve her ball. Abby has been bodyboarding since!

"Since we’ve adopted Abby, my father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Abby has been his best friend, providing him with comfort, lots of laughs and tons of love. Abby sleeps with him every night and rarely leaves his side unless she’s bodyboarding!"

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