Captain flees for his life when speedboat explodes on Thai island

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A speedboat captain fled for his life when a boat exploded at a pier on a Thai island.

Captain Surachai Chokphakdee, 42, was nearly burnt alive as he escaped the flaming speedboat on September 22 at Thailand’s Chok Krisada pier in Rayong province.

Footage shows thick plumes of smoke coming from the burning speedboat, which was used to take holidaymakers to Koh Samet Island.

Two fire engines hosed down the boat’s midsection which was blackened from the flames. The fire was declared under control in 30 minutes.

Witnesses reported two explosions after Surachai started the boat’s engine, after which it was engulfed in fire. Surachai managed to escape on time, but not without suffering multiple burns on his body.

Firefighters rushed to the scene after being alerted by Ban Phe police.

Police said in their preliminary investigation that the fire originated from a spark in the ship’s power system that ignited the fuel. A more thorough investigation is underway, they added.

The fire caused an estimated 500,000 baht (around 14,950 USD) in damages.

Meanwhile, Surachai is now out of danger and is being monitored by doctors at Rayong Hospital where he is healing from his burn wounds.

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