Man fakes injury in fake dog bite 'scam'

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This is the moment a man apparently faked a dog bite as part of a scam in northern China.

CCTV footage captured in Jiaozuo city in Henan Province shows the incident. A woman walks her dog back to her residential area and as she turns her back, the man is seen nudging the dog with his leg before throwing a bun in front of the dog and it jumps up. “The man then said he was bitten by the dog," according to a witness.

The man asked the dog owner for compensation of 1,710 yuan (nearly £200 or $268). The woman did not know how to transfer the money using her smart phone, so the man just took her mobile phone and transferred the money to himself, local media said.

Later the woman went check the CCTV footage and found that the dog did not event touch the man. The woman reported the case to the local police. However, the police said the money involved in the case was not enough to launch an investigation.

The video was filmed on November 17 and provided by local media with permission.

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