Clumsy dog is capturing hearts on Instagram with hilarious fails and falls

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A hilarious video compilation has captured the life of a clumsy puppy who can’t stop making adorable mistakes – and Instagram users are in love with the dog.

Two-year-old Finn, a Boxer-Malamute cross, lives with owner Ryan Ross, 27, in Bellingham, Washington, US.

The adorable dog has become a hit on social media for his clumsy and charming character, going viral in a recent video that shows him playing around with goggles, balls, logs and even an actual snake.

“He may not be the brightest mix… but at least he has his looks," Ryan captioned the video, which has since racked up over 3,000 views so far.

In one clip, the goofy pup can be seen dropping his goggles down a snowy ski slope and having to run after them.

Elsewhere, he tries to balance on two floating pieces of wood as they get pushed further and further apart – failing miserably.

Finn also almost loses a tennis ball to a creek and losing things is a common occurrence for the dog.

Clearly a happy-go-lucky pooch, Finn has even run directly into pools of frozen snow – thinking he could run on top of the freezing water.

Ross rescued Finn from a NOAH animal shelter and since then he’s discovered his lovable goofy ways.

“He is an enormous klutz”, Ross, an acute care assistant at an Urgent Care and Ground Search and Rescue, told Jam Press.

“Finn is clumsy, often not aware of his surroundings so he collides with furniture and walls a lot, or tumbles down hills.

“He has even run directly in pools of frozen snow, as if he could run on top of the freezing water. Instant regret.

“A lot of people say he looks like the cartoon dog, Scooby-Doo."

Apparently, Finn has also gotten himself into some embarrassing situations.

Ross said: “He is also very vocal.

“He even howled over a police officer's speech during my Search and Rescue graduation.”

One of the most memorable clumsy incidents was when Finn decided to have a play session – with a snake.

In a video, the dog can be seen sniffing the reptile before jumping and rolling on it.

Thankfully both animals survived the encounter.

Ross said: “It was his very first interaction with a snake and I did not expect him to roll on it without hesitation.

“I quickly stopped filming and pulled him away.

"Finn does not have good aim and the snake was unharmed.”

The pup is also constantly pulling funny faces and posing in the snow and loves to entertain people online.

Ross added: “I'm glad we can make people laugh."

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