Terrifying moment man single-handedly robbed gold in the middle of a shopping mall

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This is the terrifying moment a man single-handedly robbed jewellery from a gold shop.

The tall and bulky robber was seen disguised as a food delivery man while wearing a balaclava ski mask to conceal his face in Nakhon Ratchasima province, Thailand on September 1.

Upon entering the shop, he aggressively waved a pistol towards a frightened shop assistant and told her to show him where the gold was stored.

The robber then took the gold and shot the shop owner on his right arm when he tried to stop him before fleeing on his motorcycle.

Cops are now hunting the suspect.

Police Captain Wuttisan Pakaphonmongkol said: ‘We believe that the culprit is a local because he was able to follow the routes in the area with ease.

‘After coming out of the shop with the goods, he headed to Pak Chong town where we are currently tracing where he went.’

When the police arrived at the scene, they found an empty gun case, a black bag, and dirt scattered all over the storefront.

The injured shop owner was given first aid treatment before he was rushed to the hospital so his injuries could be checked.

One of the employees said that before the attack, the robber placed a bottle with an unknown substance in front of the shop before forcing them to put the jewellery into his bag.

Officers are now investigating the incident and are reviewing the CCTV footage at the store as well as recordings from around the area to find the man.

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