Further footage: Indian locals watch on helplessly as house collapses into river during deadly Kerala floods

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A group of locals in Mundakayam, Kerala, watched on helplessly as a house collapsed into a swollen river as deadly floods hit the state.

High-quality footage filmed by local man Ameer Ismail from October 16 shows the river-side structure belonging to Jebi Kollamparambil slowly tip into rapid water before being washed downstream. No members of Kollamparambil's family were injured.

This full clip shows the intense rapid flooding approaching the home before collapsing it.

Ismail, a data analyst, told Newsflare: "I went into that house before it collapsed to see the river closely and check the level of water level rise inside the house. About 10 minutes later, the water got into the kitchen and everyone inside the house decided to move to safe distance from the house. Then soon after that the house started to slowly move away from the road and we could actually see that very clearly and then exactly at 1:41 pm the house collapsed.

"That was the most horrific thing that I ever witnessed in my life. I've only seen such incidents in social media and YouTube but not right in front of my eyes. The wife of the house owner [a Mrs. Pushpa] was screaming out loud and their younger daughter Revathy became unconscious as they were also witnessing this tragedy. I couldn't believe it."

According to reports, at least 25 people have died in landslides and floods triggered by heavy rain in southern India. Thousands have also been evacuated and around 100 relief camps have been set up.

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