Doctor reveals what white spots and yellow stains on nails say about your health

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A doctor in the NHS has revealed how the appearance of your nails can tell you a lot about your health.

Dr Karan Rangarjan, a surgical doctor and lecturer at Sunderland University, shares medical information and debunks myths for his 4.2 million followers on TikTok.

In a recent video, which has been viewed close to 8 million times, he revealed the texture and appearance of your nails could be hinting at various problems.

He said: “If you’ve noticed these cloud-like white spots on your nail – they're common and usually normal. It can also be caused by physical injury to the nail."

However, he cautions viewers about dark streaks on their nails that have been there for a while and seem to be growing in size.

If it hasn't been caused by an injury, it could be a rare type of cancer known as subungual melanoma.

He moves on to talk about little craters that sometimes appear on nails and look like “someone’s taken an ice pick to them.”

“This is called pitting, and is usually caused by psoriasis, arthritis, or eczema," he said.

He also explains why your nails might be yellowing. According to the doctor, it could either be a fungal infection known as onychomycosis, or tobacco from smoking, which is known to stain the nails yellow.

If your nails are cracking and flaking, they could be brittle nails, which Dr Rangrajan attributes to a number of nutritional deficiencies and urges viewers to follow a varied diet.

Since the video was posted, it has garnered over 760,000 likes and comments from users saying they weren’t aware of these issues.

Many have pointed out that a dark line running through your nails is a common occurrence in people with a dark complexion.

One person said: “I have the 2nd one but my doctor said it was melanonychia, which is extremely common with people of darker skin tone."

Another one added: “He forgot to mention that black line is pretty common in Asian and African people and it’s usually harmless.”

Some have also shared their own experiences.

Someone else commented: “I’ve got the last one cause I’m a chronic nail biter.”

Many were afraid they could be suffering from a rare form of skin cancer.

Someone said: “No don’t scare me I have that black thing down my thumbnail and it’s been there for a long time.”

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