UK man shares video of CRAZY weather with pouring rain in his back garden and sunshine at the front

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A man has shared bizarre footage showing the weather discrepancy in his home town – with pouring rain seen in his garden while the front of his house basks in sunshine.

Chris Lee, from Bodmin, Cornwall, was baffled when he spotted the strange weather at his house.

Taking a video, Chris went into his back garden where there was heavy rainfall, before walking quickly through his house to show the dry spell his front garden was experiencing at the same time.

The clip was filmed on Wednesday (28 July) around 6.40 pm.

“We were preparing our evening meal in the kitchen, I came into our living room and noticed it was raining hard but recall looking out of the front window seconds before and seeing it dry and bright,” said Chris, a former medic.

“I grabbed my phone to grab the moment, I started filming the rear garden and the rain then walked to the front door to video the dry, bright front garden.

“We’ve seen this before but I’ve never managed to capture it on video.

“We have some pretty wacky weather here in Cornwall but this did kind of surprise us.”

He shared the clip on Twitter, saying: “Only in Cornwall! Raining in the back garden but dry in the front garden! The mind boggles!

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