US man who ballooned to 480 pounds loses nearly 40 per cent of his body weight in just ONE year

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A man who ballooned to 34 stone after eating an unhealthy diet of junk food and alcohol has lost over 13 stone in just one year – the equivalent of 37.9% of his total weight – by cycling 20 miles a day.

Jarred Aslett, 32, from Southern Idaho, US, first started gaining weight at college and slowly put on 220 pounds over a 12-year period, coming in at just over 34 stone at his heaviest.

The student began to hate his body, as his confidence plummeted.

“I started gaining weight in college," said Jarred, who now works as a senior coordinator at community college.

"I had stopped playing sports and started partying too much.

“I lived in a fraternity and developed unhealthy habits. I decided I was going to 'live fast and die young'.

“I never paid attention to how big I was getting because frankly, I didn’t care. I was drinking alcohol to deal with trauma from my past.

“I was not overeating in quantity the way some bigger people do, I was just eating all the wrong stuff.

“That, coupled with the number of calories I was drinking in alcohol, led to the steady gain."

On a normal day, the former student would often consume deep-fried fast food dishes for lunch, frozen pizza for dinner, often paired with a lot of alcoholic drinks or quick meals like mac and cheese.

Jarred said: “A normal day of eating would be like a normal fast-food lunch or a sandwich and some chips.

“After work, I would drink heavily and then eat like a frozen pizza or a box of mac and cheese.

“It was not uncommon for me to drink 2,000 calories in alcohol three to four times a week.

“Eventually it started catching up to me and I was putting on the weight fast.”

Following a break-up from a long-term relationship, Jarred reached rock bottom and realised it was time for a change.

In July last year, he completely overhauled his diet, opting for lean meat and vegetables with healthy snacks – and cut out the booze.

He also stuck to a strict workout plan for three months – which included cycling 20 miles a day – and this saw him drop nearly half his body weight in the following 12 months.

But the diet and fitness wasn't his first step; instead, the young man wanted to tackle the underlying issues that had led to his weight gain.

Jarred said: “My first step was to talk to someone, to figure out why I was binge-drinking and work through my past trauma instead of just trying to mask it.

“Most people do not get to that size without something going on in their head.

“I then used the pandemic to lock myself away and get to work.

 “I was eating the same meals almost every day for three months, low calorie, high protein and low fat.

“I was walking my dog, Layla, every day, lifting weights five times a week, and riding an exercise bike 20 miles every night.

“Since then, I just focus on good whole foods, lean protein and make sure I am in a calorie deficit.

“The workouts have stayed relatively the same, except I do a lot more hiking and sports now.”

Jarred revealed that his drastic transformation has left him with excess skin, meaning that although he has lost the weight, he is not yet entirely content with the results.

He said: “I feel great.

"I like to say I am happy with the progress, but still not satisfied. I have more work to do.

“Looking in the mirror before was hard. At the same time, it was my biggest motivation.

“I absolutely hated what I saw and I was brutally honest with myself. I would say things I would never say to another human.

“I am still not satisfied with how I look but it gets better every day.

"I have put my body through a lot, and it’s going to take some time to fix it.

“I want to live and not be held back by my weight. Once you start seeing results, you become addicted to progress.

“I would like to lose four more stone. I have not had any surgery yet.

"However, I hope to have skin surgery once I hit my goals.”

A huge positive for Jarred is that he has started to do the physical activities he was held back from due to his weight and now frequently goes snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing.

He added: “Having the freedom to travel and do things I enjoy has truly given me my life back.

"I'm no longer just existing, I am living life to the fullest.

“Hopefully I'll be back in softball and football next season.”

In February, Jarred took the brave step to make his social media accounts public and has become a social media star, with over 190,000 followers across TikTok and Instagram.

He shared a before and after post last week, which blew fans away.
“What a transformation well done you look great,” one person wrote.

“Lemme go sit back down you smoke show,” added someone else. [sic]

“Hard work and dedication will ensure great results. You are killing it, my man," a third person wrote.

“We appreciate you so much! You are such an inspiration and I think about you often and what you have accomplished when I'm struggling," wrote someone else.

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