YouTube livestreamer arrested during London anti-lockdown protest on Freedom Day

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An activist-journalist behind a YouTube account with nearly 35,000 subscribers was punched by police and bundled into a police van on Monday afternoon (July 19) while covering an anti-lockdown protest in London.

Video shows livestreamer Resistance GB, aka Willsy, being arrested at the protest. Footage shows Willsy being forced to the ground by three officers as he holds a camera. Other officers pile in and a melee ensures in which the arrested man appears to receive a blow to the head from an officer.

"Police officers injured in violent scuffles between police and protesters as YouTube livestreamer Resistance GB is arrested at London anti-lockdown protest," said Newsflare's filmer.

At one moment in the frenetic footage, protesters seemed to be protecting Willsy from being put into a police van. But police manage to break the lines, during which a woman is seen being knocked to the ground, and put him into the van.

On his website, Willsy describes himself as an "on the ground reporter and researcher; filming and livestreaming; interviewing and presenting" and features an approving quote from lockdown critic Piers Corbyn, brother of the former Labour Party leader Jeremy.

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