'Women together will not be sent back!' Kabul women and men gather to demand equal rights under new Taliban regime

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These women in Kabul, Afganistan are bravely demanding that their right to be heard and be equal is accepted on August 18 by the notoriously oppressive Taliban regime that has been reinstalled following American capitulation.

The woman chant that they will not be sent back if women stand together, and that they deserve equality and equal access.

Interview (4:34-6:16) - Transcript
Fariha Isaar, Women studies researcher;
Our goal in our program today is to raise our voices and protest against the critical situation of the Afghan people who are the victims of it. We wanted to send our message to the world not to forget the women of Afghanistan in the current situation. Let us send the message that Afghan women are stronger than they were twenty years ago. We want to send the message that any official who forms the future system cannot ignore women. We will not give up our right to work, education and political rights and we will not give up.

Transcript (6:16-7:56)
The presence of women and their prominent role in the Loya Jirga to be held in Kandahar should not be overlooked. Women have achieved a lot in their twenty years that should not be sold. The democratic system must be maintained. We do not want an imposed system, but it must be the will of the Afghan people. Human rights values must be taken into account.

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