Puppy rescued after being dumped in rubbish bin and left to die

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A puppy was rescued after being dumped in a rubbish bin and left to die.

The two-month-old pooch was dumped inside the blue public bin by a cruel motorcycle rider and her pillion passenger in Chonburi province on August 23.

It was only discovered several hours later when passing local Wichai Kamcharoen, 27, heard the animal crying.

Curious, Wichai went to the garbage bin and was surprised to find a white dog with brown spots squatting and trembling at the bottom among the dirty trash.

Wichai said: 'We don’t understand the people who chose to abandon this poor puppy. If they are incapable of taking care of one, they could have put it up for adoption.’

After saving the pooch, Wichai returned to the building with the dog and found the CCTV footage showing two women on a motorcycle who dropped the puppy inside the wheely bin.

His colleague Tanyanan Supaporn then volunteered to adopt the pooch, which he named Rak, after it was given a health check and no injuries were found.

Rescuer Wichai added: 'The puppy could have died if someone threw heavy garbage down the bin. They must have thought nobody was around to see what they were doing.'

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