2   Dancing dogs conga their way into the Guinness World Records Book

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Twelve-year-old dog trainer Alexa Lauenburger from Germany set the Guinness World Record for most dogs in a conga line back in 2019.

This remarkable feat was achieved by Alexa and eight of her hounds.

The first dog in the line (Sally), leaning on Alexa, had to cover a minimum distance of 5 m (16 ft 5 in) in conga formation, while the others had to maintain paw-to-back contact with the dog in front for the duration.

More incredible still – although this is not part of the guidelines – the dogs arranged themselves in descending order of size.

Alexa also broke the record for the fastest time to jump five hurdles on hind legs by a dog.

For this record, Emma was the dog that rose to the occasion by clearing five hurdles in a speedy 5.66 sec on her very first record attempt.

Alexa then took on another record for the fastest time walking backwards by a dog.

With Alexa's guidance, Jennifer got over the finish line in just 6.73 sec.

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