This self-confessed ‘sugar mama’ who takes younger lover on $40,000 holidays has gone viral on TikTok

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A self-confessed “sugar mama” has got fans on TikTok begging her for a job – after revealing the luxury lifestyle she treats her toyboy lover to.

Julie, 44, from the US, met partner Zach, 29, on dating app Bumble a year ago, and their unusual arrangement involves her spoiling him with lavish gifts and holidays.

This year alone she has already spoiled her partner with $30,000 holidays to Cabo, Florida and Niagara Falls, and they have two more holidays booked which will cost a further $10,000.

The content creator, who earns between $30,000-40,000 a month, posted a video on TikTok talking her followers through popular questions she gets asked as a “sugar mama."

In response to one question asking whether she buys Zach stuff, she said: “Yes, anything he wants.”

When she was asked what he does in return, she quipped: “Anything I want.”

Finally, in response to whether or not she gives Zach an allowance, she joked: “Yes, it’s $15,000 a month right now. I lowered it because last month he forgot to clean the pool.”

Her 60,000 followers were quick to comment on the controversial post – which has racked up 160,000 likes and has been viewed more than three million times – even begging her for a job.

In reality, Julie insists she doesn’t actually pay Zach an allowance but that her “nurturing” partner still does things like cooking and brushing her hair.

“Although I am a cougar, and I do make $30,000-40,000 a month, I definitely don’t give him an allowance – [but] I absolutely do spoil him," she said.

“We travel a lot, and I pay for that. And I like to buy him gifts – that’s my love language. I spoil my kids that way also.

“[The most expensive things I have bought him are] probably the vacations we go on – we are always jetting around somewhere.

“This year we’ve been on about 10 trips so far. We are going to Exuma Bahamas in a few weeks, and then Costa Rica right after that.

“Costa Rica will be the most expensive so far – about $10,000.

“He’s very sweet and nurturing. He does most of the cooking and makes me the most delicious meals.

“He pampers me too – he brushes my hair every night before bed, and rubs me until I fall asleep.”

Speaking of the reaction she received on Twitter, Julie said: “Most of the comments have been ‘can you be my sugar mama to’ or ‘I’ll fight him for that spot’.

“But there’s always a few super rude comments too. I’m surprised people don’t see that it was a TikTok trend joke.”

The content creator, who has two children – an 18-year-old and a 21-year-old – found love with Zach after her husband died.

Julie added: “When I eventually started dating again, I found that I had more in common with younger men – and that men my age are typically dating younger women.”

Despite the pair's sweet connection, Julie has no plans to re-marry.

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