Dolphin stuck in fishing net rescued from the sea in Thailand

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This is the moment a kind fisherman rescued a stranded dolphin stuck in a net in Thailand.

The boat crew were hauling their catch into the boat when they noticed the marine mammal among the fish in Satun province, on September 14.

One of them volunteered to jump into the water and paved the net so that the dolphin could swim away from the boat.

The animal then quickly followed the fisherman’s lead and went off the net before moving further away from the fishing boat.

The fisherman’s colleague who recorded the video, Nop Thongkham, said: ‘The dolphin was bigger so we noticed it right away when we were about to scoop up the fish.

‘Our captain also asked us to help the creature out so we don’t accidentally take it back with us and injure it in the process. We were relieved that we found it immediately.’

The marine mammal was saved uninjured and the crew continued with their work after the rescue operation.

Dolphins, as they are mammals need to come to the surface to breathe but once they are stuck in nets, they can’t swim anywhere. This causes them to drown and die if left for several hours.

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