Hero Brit tackles crazed sword-wielding Thai thief raiding petrol station

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A hero Brit tackled a crazed sword-wielding Thai thief who raided a petrol station.

Raymond Dean, 55, noticed a suspicious car parked in front of his apartment building where there was a petrol station in Chachoengsao province on August 4 evening.

The concerned ex-pat approached the man and found he was allegedly stealing money from one of the self-service petrol pumps.

But instead of stopping, the annoyed thief became aggressive and pulled out a blade before trying to hack the foreigner as they chased each other around the compound during the confrontation.

The brave Brit said: ‘Before the attack took place, the apartment owners showed me CCTV footage of the same car parked at the petrol station hitting on the petrol pump and trying to steal.

‘When I saw him return, I knew I had to help the owners catch this thief. He had been causing alarm for the residents here.’

After tackling the thief who was later identified as Manas Juigeud, 38, Raymond’s arm was injured with the sword and the man was able to escape.

The foreigner then called out to the apartment owners for help and asked to call the police who captured Manas while driving through an escape route.

Raymond was then given first aid treatment for his injuries before he was taken to the hospital so medics could have a closer look at his wounds.

The apartment building owner said that Raymond had lived in Thailand for two years and had been kind and helpful towards his neighbours.

The owner said: ‘While watching the attack, I called out to the neighbours to help Raymond out. The thief ran away when he started to see more people turning up at the scene.

‘Manas tried to steal from us twice but failed to take out anything from the petrol pump this time thanks to Raymond.’

Police later arrested the suspect and he confessed to attacking the British man and attempting to steal from the fuel machine.

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