Gruesome moment huge python is caught after eating a cat

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This is the gruesome moment a huge python was caught after eating a cat in Thailand.

The snake was found by school teacher Silarat Jansorn, 31, who was searching for her pet cat in Nakhon Nayok province on October 20. She had searched through the property but found no sign of her beloved pet.

Frustrated, Silarat then walked over to an abandoned house and started calling for her cat. However, as she pushed the toilet door open, she found the massive python curled up in the sink.

Terrified Silarat raced from the restroom and contacted the rescue team for help. They arrived at the scene with a large sack and a reptile-catching device.

As the team moved closer, they found that the 19-foot python nursed a bulging stomach. It took more than 15 minutes to finally catch the adult snake, which is suspected to have eaten the teacher’s cat.

The python was brought into a sack and later released to the wild.

Silarat said: ‘I remember running as fast as I could after seeing such a big snake in the toilet. I think it must have eaten my cat. My previous pet was also eaten by a snake five years ago.’

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