Artist recreates Gaza Strip buildings obliterated in Israel conflict

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An artist in the war-torn Gaza Strip recreated buildings destroyed in the years-long conflict with Israel.

Artist Muhammad Al-Hajj used recycled plastic and other trash to create miniature models of military hardware and buildings that were obliterated during the war. He also made replicas of culturally significant sites such as the holy mosque of Mecca, and the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

The tableaus, some containing colourful lights and tiny fountains, have turned Al-Hajj’s room into a homemade art exhibition. He said he took advantage of the extra time he had from the pandemic lockdown to complete the artistic pieces.

He said: ‘The art came to my mind when they talked about the bombing of the towers on TV. After the towers were bombed, I went to my workshop, and I saw that there was leftover cardboard and a pair of scissors.

‘I began to form in my imagination how the military and war scenes played out.’

Al-Hajj added that he would like to participate in local or international exhibits in the future. He also called on Palestinian artists and journalists to persevere with their craft despite the difficulties they might face.

He said: ‘My message to all artists, to the Palestinian people and to every journalist, is that we do not tire or get bored. We must work despite the sacrifices.’

The Gaza Strip in the State of Palestine has been the scene of military and terrorist conflict for a number years amid a dispute with Israel over territory and religion.

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