80 million-year-old baby plesiosaur discovered after flood

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A rare baby plesiosaur was discovered after a flood and carefully removed from the rock encasing it.

The filmer said: "A while back, we had some pretty big floods in New Zealand which cause new fossil areas to be exposed for the first time. While I was exploring one of these areas, I came across this block with some bones in it. The geological age of the area was around 80 million years, so I knew it was probably from a plesiosaur or other large marine reptile from the age of the dinosaurs. I carry the 65lb (30kg) 3 miles back to the car and then took it home to start prepping the block.

"I started off using an air scribe, a mini jackhammer, to remove the main bulk of the rock. The rock was sticking to the bone though so I had to start using another method called acid prepping. I would put the blocks in vinegar for an hour at a time, carefully coating any exposed bone with B72 so that only the rock would be worked on by the acid. I did this for 2 weeks - around 12 acid baths in total. Between each acid bath, it needs to be placed in fresh water to remove all the acid from the rock.

"The final step is landscaping the rock using a die grinder, this removes the air scribe marks.

"I got in touch with a paleontologist and he confirmed it as a rare plesiosaur species and this was a juvenile. There are some cervical vertebrae in the block which means the skull should be close by! I will have to go back and look for it.

"This fossil will now be donated to my local museum for further study. Music is royalty free from bensound.com."

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